The real estate market has been booming and thriving, and with that, there’s been an increase in first-time home ownership, new home construction, and significant real estate investment buy-and-hold and fix-and-flip opportunities for potential landlords, wholesalers, developers, and investors. At the law firm of Kondori & Moorad, our staff began engagement in the real estate industry well before our respective introductions in the legal industry. We have been both landlords and tenants, both first time home-buyers and building new homes for ourselves, and both investors and developers, and as a result, can assist you with so many elements of real estate matters that involve legal and entrepreneurial issues. Unlike other real estate attorneys that have only experienced the transactional elements of the law in their own professional offices, our staff has been in the trenches for many years in the practical aspects of the real estate industry.

One of the forms of real estate investment that many people are involved in is purchasing a condominium, townhome, or single-family residence and renting it out to tenants. These passive investments allow for creative tax savings and steady and stable income, especially in comparison with the volatility of the stock and cryptocurrency markets. But sometimes that landlord-tenant relationship goes sour when a tenant fails to pay rent, breaches their lease agreement, or stays past the end of their lease term and becomes a holdover tenant. This is where Kondori & Moorad comes to the rescue, as we assist landlords go through the unlawful detainer process in an effective manner that will help you not only evict tenants who violated their rental agreements, but also secure judgments against them for damages. Because of our experience as landlords, and through our decades of combined experience litigating civil matters on behalf of landlords, our law firm is well-equipped to help you recover possession of your rental property and restart your potential cash flow.

Landlord Law

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